UTS Next Generation Sequencing Facility

Located within the Australian Institute for Microbiology and Infection, we offer next generation DNA sequencing on the Illumina platform and bioinformatic services. Our aim is to provide affordable support for internal and external researchers, students and industry to generate genomic data.

Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing

Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing

We offer a comprehensive DNA to Database package. For 80 AUD, we provide:

  • Short read Illumina sequencing data

  • An assembly of the bacterial genome

  • Submission of the data to the NCBI database with a 1-year embargo

  • Volume discounts are available for large sample batches

  • Small Target Express DNA Sequencing

    The service is suitable for small plasmids and other dsDNA targets up to 20 kbp.

    Services include:

  • Fast turnaround time 48-72 hrs after submission

  • QC DNA

  • Library preparation

  • Sequencing on Miseq V2 2x150 bp

  • Optional assembly and variant calling services
  • Express NGS DNA Sequencing

    16S rRNA Sequencing

    16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing

    Services include:

  • QC genomic DNA

  • Library preparation

  • Sequencing on Miseq V3 2x300 bp

  • Minimum 80,000 reads per sample


    We also offer other types of sequencing including:

  • Metagenomics

  • RNA sequencing

  • Hi-C

  • Please contact us for more information.

    Other NGS DNA Sequencing Services

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