Small Target DNA Sequencing Express Service

This service is suitable for plasmids or small linear DNA targets longer than 500 bp.

The service includes:

  • QC of the DNA sample
  • Library preparation and QC
  • Sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq in 2x150bp mode
  • Electronic delivery of a FastQ file per sample. The output is at least 1 Mbp per sample (50x coverage for 20 kb plasmid).
  • Fast turnaround time 48-72 hrs*
  • Free data analysis including de novo assembly, mapping and variants calling.

*This turn around time only apply to the submission of at least 8 samples. For the submission with less than 8 samples, the turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

Number of samples Price for UTS researchers Price for external researchers
Minimum 8 $100 $130
9-16 $95 $125
17-32 $90 $120
33-48 $85 $115

For 49 samples or more please contact the facility for the discount via