UTS Sequencing Facility - Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing

Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing

We offer sequencing and analysis packages. All packages include QC of genomic DNA, library preparation using Nextera Flex, QC of the library and sequencing. The turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

We also provide a discount for large scale sequencing (96+ samples). Please contact us for more information.

Submit your data to NCBI with us and save

Vast amounts of sequencing data never become available in public databases (NCBI SRA, ENA) due to the technical challenges involved in the submission process. In the spirit of open science, we offer a discount if you choose to allow us to submit the data to the public NCBI database on your behalf. The benefits include:

  • Save time and money by avoiding the burden of submitting the data yourself. We have a form to help you provide all the sample details needed for the submission. Organising the metadata early in the sequencing project also helps to manage your samples and your projects.
  • We provide essential bioinformatics to ensure that the data is of high quality before submission to the NCBI database. We will identify and remove any sequences that might be contaminants in your samples, resulting in clean data for submission.
  • Free data archival: sleep easy, knowing that your data is archived and backed up safely in international databases and not on a failure-prone local hard drive.
  • One year embargoes: Your sequencing data will be embargoed for a maximum of one year.

Sequencing & Analysis Packages

Service included Assembly Basic
gDNA submission ✔︎ ✔︎
Library preparation and sequencing ✔︎ ✔︎
30x Coverage of 5 Mbp genome ✔︎ ✔︎
Bacterial Genome Assembly ✔︎  
Price per sample    
UTS Researchers 110 100
Non-UTS Researchers 130 120

*The data will need to be submitted by UTS sequencing facility through the NCBI database to be eligible for this price. The data will be embargo for 1 year. The facility does not own the data.